The Empire Brunei

Unveiling ‘The Empire Brunei’
December 9, 2019

The Empire Hotel and Country Club is reborn as The Empire Brunei in an extensive rebranding exercise to confirm its position as the most coveted luxury experience in Asia.

About Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is a unique and safe Asian location. It is a peaceful oasis, an ideal place to relax, away from the stresses of daily life. Located on the north coast of Borneo with pristine rainforest, the country offers the convenience of a modern infrastructure. This unique Kingdom, rich in Malay culture, is peaceful, tranquil and safe to visit. In celebration of this incredible country, there are regular guided excursions offering guests magical moments and discoveries. This is the only place in the world where you can play championship golf, see rare proboscis monkeys, scuba dive a wreck, eat exquisite Halal cuisine and visit a magnificent mosque; all in one day.

The Empire Hotel & Country Club

The Empire Hotel & Country Club is an extraordinary destination overlooking the South China Sea, offering an unforgettable and relaxing luxury stay. It is the country’s most exclusive hotel, renowned for its warm Bruneian hospitality and extensive services. Surrounded by vast, unspoilt, tropical rainforests, inhabited by wildlife, it is the ultimate sanctuary in which to relax in a beautiful, spacious, tranquil and natural setting. The 522 rooms and suites, in multiple buildings, and secluded private villas are luxurious havens of spacious comfort. Within the private 180-hectare grounds, there are beaches, pools, lagoons and a golf course with panoramic sea views. The resort also offers international restaurants, Children’s Club, cinemas, Spa, a wide range of sporting activities and extensive function facilities.

New branding proposition for The Empire Hotel & Country Club

To support the key objective of encouraging more visitors, the need for a fresh brand strategy was identified. An international reputable luxury hotel branding agency was engaged to undertake a review of the brand positioning with the purpose of reinvigorating and re-aligning it with a the brand’s essential qualities.

This resulted in a recommendation to modify the name, redefine colours and images to better represent the intrinsic qualities of the Hotel, which we are pleased to announce and share with you today. The new identity, includes:

An iconic new name

Whilst the Hotel is well known within Asia, the review identified the need to better clarify the identity. It was decided to keep the essential name ‘Empire’, but that the name should evolve, to a simplified version that incorporates Brunei. This would firmly support the new positioning as the country’s principal hospitality offering. The decision to omit ‘Hotel and Country Club’ responds to the brand’s desire to communicate the broader offering of its unparalleled resort. This change has been made consistently across all brand touchpoints.

A vibrant new visual identity

The transformation encompasses every one of the brand’s visual assets, including the following:

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